Honeymoons are always eagerly looked forward to. It is one way that the couples really get to know each other intimately. It is the beginning of a new relationship for the newly wed couple. Down the years, couples have preferred to visit hill stations and places they don't normally get to visit.

However there are a huge number of couples who love a little adventure in their honeymoon. So be it the sun kissed beaches of Goa or the green backwaters of Kerala or even a safari to any of India's Wild Life Santuaries, what better way to start of your married life.

One of the world's most spectacular tropical island systems, Lakshadweep is tucked away at 220-440 km's off the Malabar coast.
Kerala, God's own country. Being one among the beautiful coastal states of India, it has wonderful tourist spots which can be refreshing to a stressful mind.
North India has got historical as well cultural significance. A trip to North India is surely going to enlighten you about India's rich traditional and cultural heritage.
North, South, East or West, India has fantastic hill stations all over the country. Majority of them in the North but the hill stations in the South are equally enticing.
Enjoy the sun, fun and the seas of the resort island archipelago. Explore the white talc beaches and crystal clear blue waters of the vast India Ocean.
Attracting around half a million visitors a year, Mauritius is becoming the attainable dream holiday for those seeking an exotic 'paradise'.
A fascinating country known for its spectacular mountain scenery, sparkling lakes and folklore traditions.
The very name Singapore holds a lot of excitment to anyone. Asia’s most exciting tropical Oceanatium and the latest attraction of Singapore, Tunnel Walk that takes you under the sea with all the fabulous marine life around you and lots more


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