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Getting married the hindu way, is a great occasion in the family. It is this day that everybody looks forward to meet friends and relatives.Once you have found a suitable partner, the process of marriage actually begins. What follows is a long list of things, both the Bride and the Groom have to do. Some of the important things to take care of are mentioned here.

  • First of all, decide on the date and venue of your wedding. Contact the pundit to decide the muhurat.
  • Decide on the Civil Registration date.
  • Keep all documents required for the civil registration ready.

  • Contact decorators to decorate the venue.
    Prepare a list of invitees.
    Select and buy the invitation cards.
    Select the menu for your reception / wedding, contact the caterers.
    Arrange for marriage registration formalities.
    Contact jewelers for the gold ornaments. (Mangalsutra, rings, etc.).
    Buy the silverware.
    Arrange transport for the guests.
    Do your wedding shopping.
    Gifts for the groom, in-laws and others to be packed.
    Contact painters, carpenters, cleaners, and domestic help.
    Decide on whether you're going to have recorded music or rely on the traditional vazantri.
    Florist to be contacted for the garlands, roses to be distributed to the guests, loose flowers, flower decoration at venue.
    Accommodation to be arranged for the guests.
    Mithais, Ladoos, pedas to be ordered.
    Articles to be distributed at the tel (oil ceremony).
    Everything required for the pooja as suggested by the pundit: coconuts, coloured rice (akshata), etc.
    Arrange for fireworks.
    The bridal dress, bashing, pheta (turban), footwear, etc.
    Maharaja’s chairs for the bridal couple and chairs for the guests.
    Photographer / Videographer to be booked for the day.
    Bridal giveaways like cupboard, dressing /dining table, beds, embroidered pillow covers & linen to be delivered to the groom’s place a day prior to the wedding.

You need this list?? Simply click on the printer friendly version and you will get a very nice, easy to use checklist which will help you organise your wedding really really well.


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